ROHS is a EU Directive and must be implemented by the individual EU member States. ROHS applies:

    ✪   Only to restrictions of Hazardous substances in the EEE (Electrical & Electronic Equipment); and

    ✪   Primarily to consumer products and waste thereof.

          ✔ ROHS only have 6 banned substances on the list (as of now, this is expected to increase)

          ✔ ROHS banned substances are completely restricted in EEE above 0.1% threshold at homogenous level

          ✔ Unless Exempted

          ✔ Prototypes, R&D and field trial units are exempt

REACH is regulation which applies directly and is monitored and implemented by ECHA (European Chemical Agency).

    ✪   REACH deals with some 38 chemicals but is intended to apply to all chemicals

    ✪   REACH SVHC list is constantly growing (moving target)

    ✪   REACH has registration, authorization and notification obligations

We can help:

Our RoHS & REACH managed service provides you with compliance data to meet your due diligence requirements for the regulations, including RoHS 2 and the latest REACH regulations. This service includes the following deliverables:

    ✔   Asses and collect RoHS compliance status from various sources including your suppliers.

    ✔   Asses and collect compliance status, REACH regulation version, Substances of Very High Concern

    ✔   Collect Material datasheet, Material conformity statements from External Supplier Accross the golbe

    ✔   Identification of compliant alternate parts

    ✔   Audit trail and signatory information

Fees & Charges:

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